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Jim Deputy - Lead Guitar, Jim started playing the trumpet at the age of 13 in the school band until the end of High School. He started taking drum lessons in the 8th grade because all of his friends were playing guitar just like Van Halen. Jim decided to play guitar when his brother started playing drums and he realized that his brother was better than him. Influenced by the “Beatles”, “Extreme”, “Paul McCartney and Wings” and “Queen”, he has been paying both lead or rhythm guitar in several bands the last 30 years and has finally found his place in “Shayds of Gray”.


Mel Morgan, Vocals, There’s not enough room for Mel’s bio, just ask him in person.

Melissa Lomanno, Vocals, Melissa is a recent addition to the band, Music runs in her family so we are looking  forward to performing with Melissa.


Bill Grettner, Drums/Percussion, Bill start playing drums at age five banging on his mother’s pots and pans. When told to stop, he had a hissy fit and left home to tour with numerous rock punk bands across the US and Europe. Many years later, Shayds of Gray offered him the use of real drums to play and he jumped at the opportunity. Bill has been the grounding force of the band’s rhythm section ever since.


Dr. Joshua Erde, Guitar/Vocals, Josh first got interested in guitar and music when he was 13 or 14 years old when his friend taught him the melody riff to “We’re not goanna take it” by Twisted Sister. A short time later Josh bought his first guitar and started taking lessons. He got into his first band when he was a sophomore in college and they played several campuses shows that year. Unfortunately, he didn’t continue with a band after that year due to his lack of time to study for school. For many years, guitar was just a back-burner habit, until about 10 years ago he started hanging out with other musicians and he became serious about guitar playing again. He has been playing with various bands now for about 3 years. His musical tastes are anywhere from 80’s metal to acoustic singer songwriter, 80’s pop/rock, and even country – just no rap or reggae, please!!! In his other life, Josh is a veterinarian.


Bill Bondar/ Bass Guitar, Bill started playing when he bought his first electric guitar in 1964. In 1965 he joined The Tensions, an instrumental band playing the Ventures music. When the bass player quit the band, Bill took over on bass. In 1968 he joined The Lydell’s/Assorted Flavors. He ended his short musical career in 1973 and got a real job. Forty-five years later he’s back playing in the hard hitting band Shayds of Gray.

Ken MacDougall, Keyboards, 

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