Chris Tisdale

// Vocals

Chris first began singing when he was 15 years old and soon found that he had a falsetto that was compared to the likes of Robert Plant. Capitalizing on the similarity, he joined his first band doing covers of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rush among others in bands such as “DaBallz”, “Riff-Raff” and “Hickory Puce”.  He soon graduated to an original band and began playing the South Jersey circuit. During this time, he was lead singer for “Alibi”, “Passion” and “Coda” before taking a break for marriage and a career.  Twenty years later, Chris got the bug to perform again and with his good friend Bo Gregory, started a new, yet familiar direction in his life. After playing through several musicians and bands like “Last Exit” and “Shakey Ground”, Chris finally found the right musicians to bring cover music to the South Jersey-Philly area in the classic rock band “Shayds of Gray”.

Bill started playing when he bought his first electric guitar in 1964. He joined an instrumental band playing the Ventures music with the "Tensions." When the bass player quit the band, Bill took over on bass. In the mid 60's and early 70’s he has played almost every Bar/Lounge/Dive in the tri-state area including the Jersey shore. He ended his musical career in 1973. Forty-five years later he received a retirement gift of a 1967 Gibson Cherry Red electric bass. After joining two other musicians, they became the "Lakebridge Boys", Playing occasionally with "The Lazy Eyed Blues" band, "Last Exit Party Band" and "Shaky Ground". Now his latest venture is the hard hitting Classic Rock Band, "Shayds of Gray".  Bill's living the dream of being back on stage performing for people and loving it.

Bill Bondar

// Bass

Jim started playing the trumpet at the age of 13 in the school band until the end of High School. He started taking drum lessons in the 8th grade because all of his friends were playing guitar just like Van Halen. Jim decided to play guitar when his brother started playing drums and he realized that his brother was better than him. Influenced by the “Beatles”, “Extreme”, “Paul McCartney and Wings” and “Queen”, he has been paying both lead or rhythm guitar in several bands the last 30 years and has finally found his place in “Shayds of Gray”.

Jim Deputy

//Lead Guitar, Vocals

Joshua Erde

// Guitar, Vocals

Josh first got interested in guitar and music when he was 13 or 14 years old when his friend taught him the melody riff to “We’re not gonna take it” by Twisted Sister.  A short time later Josh bought his first guitar and started taking lessons.  He got into his first band when he was a sophomore in college and they played several campus shows that year.  Unfortunately, he didn’t continue with a band after that year due to his lack of time to study for school. For many years, guitar was just a back-burner habit, until about 10 years ago he started hanging out with other musicians and he became serious about guitar playing again.  He has been playing with various bands now for about 3 years. His musical tastes are anywhere from 80’s metal to acoustic singer songwriter, 80’s pop/rock, and even country – just no rap or reggae, please!!!  In his other life, Josh is a veterinarian. 

Jessica, aka ( Pinklady or Pinky), has been singing for as long as she can remember . Growing up in a house where music was a big influence on her. Everyone in her household played an instrument or sang. Jessica was in  musicals and choruses throughout elementary school and high school. Jessica has been in several bands throughout the years being the main female singer and doing backup vocals. Her biggest musical influences are Carole King , ELO , Little River band, Eagles and many others. 


Jessica Pratt


Bill G has been playing drums since he was 12 years old and over the years has hit the music scene in the Philly So. Jersey area playing in numerous bands while mixing family with his musical talent.. After being on the sidelines for some years Bill is back at it on the drums.


BIll Grettner


Tim was found sitting on the curb watching our band performing at a Gloucester County Animal Adoption Center event.  We took Tim in, gave him something to eat, and he kept following us to our practices where we discovered he can play. Shadys of Gray welcomes Tim as it's newest member on keyboards.


Tim Hunt


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