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 Venues for 2024

The Southwood Bar 
January 12th 2024 7:30pm 
The Southwood Bar 
March 8th 2024 7:30pm 
Wading Pines Camping Resort
April 1st, 2024   6:00pm
Monroe Township Musicfest
June 1, 2024   5:30m
Wading Pines Camping Resort
June 8th 2024   6:00pm

Westville Music Festival
June 22, 2024    7:00pm
Jam on the Dam
August 3rd, 2024    12:00pm
Sun Retreats Avalon
August 23, 2024   7:00pm
Bayberry Cove
Sept 1, 2024    7:00pm
Pennsville Septemberfest
Sept 7, 2024    5:00pm

 Venues Played in 2023

southwood 31823.jpg
wine down2023.jpg
The shipyard.jpg
jam on the dam 2023.jpg
Southwood 10-6-23.jpg
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